Music by Ashik - New Earth RecordsAshik has a number of recording projects developing at the same time. The violin is first, as usual, but a collection of charango improvisations is also in the production line. Charango is one of the most prominent rhythm instruments in “Gypsy Heart”, and Ashik has loved its unique sound for over thirty years. Every day he plays Bach, the best work-out for a violinist, and sometimes follows it by recording an improvisation on the violin. These improvisations will form an introspective, peaceful music collection that comes from deep stillness to be shared with the listener.



Music by Ashik


Ashik Biography

Ashik learned violin and classical guitar from a young age. He studied philosophy at the University of Oxford and, after graduating, he started exploring the world. In India he met Osho in 1979 for whom he played in the evening meditations and later on various occasions on the Ranch. His further travels through the Americas, Europe, the Himalayas, India and Japan had a profound influence on his music, which brought him to incorporate numerous themes and traditional folk songs into his own compositions. He has now ‘settled’ in the wild foothills of Colorado.

At the same time he is revisiting reggae, experimenting with blending the light-hearted spirituality of traditional sanskrit bhajans with classic dread rhythms. Here the bass rules, with voice and violin expressing the melody, building a deep trance-like state in the listener.

This creativity unfolds in the Good Dog Studio, Ashik’s personal creative space high in the mountains inside the Roosevelt National Forest of Colorado. The clean air and deep silence, broken only by the wind in the pines and occasional thunder, is his favorite source of inspiration. Sometimes he will pull himself out of this paradise and travel near or far to play for dance and meditation events.  Recent appearances include festivals in Spain and Portugal, a trip to India, reggae in California, and a meditation event in upstate New York.


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