AnandoAnando is one of the ASHA Foundation (UK) list of 240 “influential, inspiring women from all walks of life and from around the world who are outstanding in their fields.” She was a successful lawyer (USA & Australia) and businesswoman who headed to India in the mid-seventies for a 2-week visit to the infamous ashram of Osho. She stayed for thirty years, becoming part of Osho’s personal household while practicing Osho meditations and transformative techniques.

Anando’s joyful, loving, and direct approach to guided meditations allows people to quickly realize their personal potential for inner peace and joy. She now travels the world, teaching meditation and other techniques for transforming your life. Her guided meditation series on New Earth Records deals with issues that every human can relate to. The insight and experience that Anando shares in the meditations help the listener approach these topics in a personal and fulfilling way that leads to growth.

Guided Meditation with Anando


Anando’s book YES is available through her website:

Check out Anando’s online course: Easy Meditations for Everyday Life

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