Artist Submissions

New Earth Records is interested in publishing quality new music and films. New artists should submit their work for review by following the procedures outlined below. Work submitted via other channels will NOT be considered. Please note that New Earth Records can only act as a publisher (license holder) for new music/films. We cannot act as a distribution house for projects which are already published/licensed by others.

New Earth Records is only interested in publishing music within the following genres: Healing, Yoga, Reiki, Meditation, Celtic, Spa, World Beat, Chanting, Ambient, Trance, and Electronica
If your music falls within these categories, please email <> with the information listed below.

New Earth Records is only interested in publishing films within the following genres: Healing Arts, Meditation, Wellness, and Spiritual Growth.
If your film falls within these categories, please email <> with the information listed below.

  1. Proof of your fan base (i.e. followers on Facebook, SoundCloud, blog, etc.)
  2. Any experience and/or endorsements in the holistic field
  3. Who are you as an artist?
  4. How would New Earth Records benefit from you and your music?
  5. Please do not send any form of digital audio tracks – we will not listen to them. Once we receive your email and review your submission, we may ask you to mail a physical Demo CD to us as the next step in the process.


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