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“In this music, inspired by mystical and musical traditions from around the globe, Western, Eastern and Far Eastern instruments weave and blend with each other…becoming one. May these prayerful journeys lead you towards love and meditation. Each piece on this album is a prayer, a Prayer to Love. It is Prayer, which lets us be passive and humble. And it is Love, which opens the door to this magical existence. I created this music out of gratitude that Love exists…Love is such a miracle, a blessing, descending on us and arising in us. If we were able to live this life with an attitude of Prayer and an open heart, this word would be much more beautiful.”

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    “Parijat masterfully blends world music instruments, creating a rich, warm ambience…soothing and completely relaxing.”

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    Ever since his first album, Offerings, we’ve been enchanted by the music of Parijat. In Prayer to Love he offers six sublime compositions played on classical guitar, electric sitar, Chinese harp, piano, percussion and keyboards–music he calls “prayerful journeys” inspired by mystical and musical traditions around the globe. Journey to the Center begins this odyssey with sublime guitar and violin strains floating on a soundscape that is exquisitely relaxing. Prayer to Love opens with gentle vocals by Tanmayo accompanied by delicate percussions and harp evocative of a Middle East folk song. Restful Place is a spacious interlude featuring piano, guitar and sitar gradually joined by a gentle tabla beat. Dance of the Devish combines a lilting Arabesque sound with hauntingly beautiful violin and guitar. The most awesome track is Rise of the Phoenix, where expansive keyboards give rise to celestial flute melodies. This is music to take you beyond time and space.

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