Journey Into Space


Journey into Space is about the path that we are all on towards the inner light, seeking that potential within all of us.

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Product Description

Journey into Space may conjure up all manner of imagery, for Terry, “Journey into Space is about the path that we are all on towards the inner light, seeking that potential within all of us. Out of space, in every sense of the word, comes all creation.” He goes on to say: “This musical journey was not planned as such – each track unfolded as a reflection of each day”

Taking the historical instrument context, it is fitting that Terry combines both the use of his own voice as an instrument and his trademark flutes. Guitar also makes a rare appearance on this album played by Terry and his brother Mike on three of the tracks. This is the first time since 1978 that the brothers have recorded together. Terry has long used his music as an expression of his own spiritual connection and experiences. This unique journey has touch-points with yoga, meditation, mantra, nature, chanting, Reiki, Buddhism and universal consciousness, alongside the deep spiritual path of his wife, Soraya Saraswati.

“Music in the soul can be heard by the universe.” ~Lao Tzu

“The new thing in this album is that I have evolved into allowing the movement of life and the action of this body – I notice that the music that came before was pretty much a movement towards peace but only in the sense of a stillness of body, this has moved into a stillness of mind also, which is right at the heart of things – allowing the body to move in the dance of life. Journey into Space is about the path that we are all on towards the inner light, seeking that potential within all of us. Out of space, in every sense of the word, comes all creation.” ~Terry Oldfield

Track 1: Really the starting point where we are strongly connected with Mother Earth and have a feeling of the desire to expand and explore. When Mike’s guitar comes in there is a sense of a visitor who is suddenly there and quickly finds his way about – spinning off in a new direction.

Track 2: Setting out – finding delight in the groove of motion – no particular destination – like a surfer on the wave of time – enjoying the ride.

Track 3: This had its starting point in two lines of a song that Mike and I used to play in our teenage band “Barefoot.” It is nothing like the original, although it starts off in the original way with some sweet words and ends in a similar way. Imagine an eagle taking off and soaring in a thermal just for the sheer fun of it – Mike used to enjoy flying his model gliders just for fun!

Track 4: A feeling of acceleration beyond the known – Entering the in-between-ness where we re-awaken our sense of wonder – moving like a puppet in the irresistible flow of creation.

Track 5: A song that speaks of the freedom of being out of the confines of the physical body – “We could walk a million miles while the world is deeply sleeping” tells of a place where everything we think becomes our reality and we experience the infinite possibilities of creation.

Track 6: Another ancient Mantra which has a devotional feel while remaining in the flow of moving further out into space where the sense of wonder grows with the vast emptiness of the void and we feel both vast and tiny in a feeling of connectedness to everything.

Track 7: Contains ancient words that speaks of the divine union between Male and Female or Yin and Yang as we explore deeply within ourselves the vast space that exists between things and the togetherness and peace that grows with the acceptance of it all.

Track 8: A surrendering to the vastness in deep respect and wonder-a feeling of great love and devotion to something vast within ourselves that we don’t understand – can only feel.

Track 9: We are out in Space just dancing with no goal or direction – just far out and dancing.

Track 10: The spirit of inner stillness moving in the physical light of life. When this track was at the mixing stage I suddenly felt the need to play a sort of Irish Jig which seemed absurd to begin with but seems to work so well in saying that the body can move whilst the stillness remains.


  1. “Terry Oldfield has a reputation for making beautiful music for the soul, be it meditation themed soundscapes, ethnic-tinged rhythms or introspective music for yoga. Oldfield turns his gaze upward and outward with JOURNEY INTO SPACE, which features his signature flute playing as the driving force in a collection of songs inspired by the mysteries of the stars. Terry’s brother, popular artist Mike Oldfield, joins in with his signature guitar playing while Soraya Saraswati lends her sweet vocals to several of the tracks. The music features light rhythm (tablas, electronic beats), with chant vocal maples often floating through the backdrop as Terry’s bansuri flute leads the way. Once again, Terry Oldfield offers a relaxing journey for the listener- one fans of his music will certainly want to embark on.”

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